My options

Your Guide for Members has details of all your options if you're thinking about taking your benefits. You need to register or sign in to myFund to view the Guide.

Normal retirement age (also called pension age)

This is the age when you can take your benefits without them being reduced for early payment.  

Early retirement

You may be able to take your benefits before your normal retirement age (for example, at age 50), but your benefits ​may be lower because they ​will be paid for longer.

Late retirement

If you remain in service, you may be able to delay taking your Fund benefits -  please sign in to check your Guide for Members..

Ill health

If you can no longer do your job because of ill health, you can apply for an incapacity pension as long as you haven’t already taken your benefits while employed. You can start the application process in our  Forms section.

Preserved benefits

If you leave the Fund before you are eligible to take your benefits, you become a ‘preserved’ member. You don’t pay any more contributions, and your benefits are calculated using your membership up to your leaving date. These benefits increase in line with inflation every year.

Go to No longer paying into the Fund for more details.