Sustainable Ownership Report

Sustainable Ownership is our approach to incorporating sustainability issues, like climate change or executive pay, into the investments Railpen manages on your behalf.

You and your employer both pay contributions while you’re an active member of the railways pension scheme. These contributions are then invested in different ways, including in companies and brands you care about. We do this to achieve the investment returns needed to give you an income in retirement.

We believe in investing these contributions in companies that are well-run and seek to address all the risks and opportunities related to their business model. We think this is the best way to protect and increase the value of your savings, giving you a good retirement outcome. These risks and opportunities include environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. These could be things like climate change, such as the impact of extreme weather events on food production, or a company’s approach to the health and safety of its employees.

Our Sustainable Ownership reports highlight the work we have done to integrate sustainability considerations into the investments we manage on behalf of our beneficiaries across our three focus areas: ESG integration, active ownership and longer-term risks and opportunities.

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