Administration and Investment

Railpen looks after all administration and trustee services for the Railways Pension Scheme (RPS), British Transport Police Force Superannuation Fund (BTPFSF or the Fund) and a large number of third party clients too. Our heritage goes back more than 55 years: starting off as the pensions office for the British Rail pension scheme back in 1965, we have seen many changes along our journey so far.

We have been through the privatisation of the railways in 1993; one day we were supporting one scheme as an in-house team and the next we’re looking after a large number of employers and sections as a business in our own right.

As we progressed as a business, the number of clients we supported grew too (and is still growing, we are happy to say) and we can proudly tell you that we now look after the needs of over 500,000 pension scheme members across a variety of schemes and industries.

Today Railpen continues to support the 100-plus employers within the RPS in relation to investment management, and currently manage around £30bn of assets for the Scheme, which is the sixth largest pension fund in the UK in terms of assets under management.

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