My benefits

It’s never too early – or late – to start planning your retirement, and as a Fund member you’re in a great position to do just that.

Fund membership offers a range of valuable benefits such as life assurance when you're working and a pension for life when you retire.

What is my pension based on?

The pension you get when you retire is based on your length of service and final pensionable salary. Your final pension is not affected by your contribution rate, whether it goes up or down.

Your  Guide to Members shows how your pension is calculated.

Benefits when working

  • You and your employer both pay into your pension.

  • Your pension contributions are tax-efficient – they’re taken from your gross salary before you pay income tax. You can also pay lower National Insurance contributions by joining the BTP's salary sacrifice scheme. Ask your employer for details.

  • You can top up your pension with Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) and choose where  to invest them.

  • And in worst case scenario, if you die in service, your beneficiaries could get a cash lump sum. That’s why it’s really important to log in to your account, nominate and keep your choices up to date.

 Benefits when retired

  • You’ll get a pension for life.
  • You can also take a lump sum (which is currently tax free).
  • Your spouse, partner or children could get a pension when you die.

 Check your ​account now

Your personal account in myFund holds all the latest information about your pension. See how much you’ve paid in, what your contributions are worth, and review your AVCs, investments and nominations. It's really easy to register!