My options

If you’ve left the ​Fund, you can rest easy knowing that your benefits will be preserved until you’re ready to claim them. They will rise every year in line with inflation (currently the Consumer Prices Index).

You can:

  • claim your preserved benefits when you reach your normal retirement age (you can check your normal retirement age by logging into your myFund account or calling the Helpline on 0800​ 012 1117.
  • transfer your Fund benefits to another scheme. Read more about this in the  Guide to transfer options.

When contacting Railpen, please quote your pension reference number, which is available in your myFund account when you log in (or register).
It is strongly advised that you get independent financial advice before ​deciding to claim or transfer your benefits. You should also check out the warning signs of pension scams to make sure you're not being targeted before agreeing to any transfers.