Life changes

You never know what’s around the corner – your circumstances can change at any time and we need you to tell us when they do.

By keeping your records up to date, you can help avoid any mistakes being made and ensure we can keep in touch about any matters that affect you.

You should tell us about: 

  • changes to your relationship status
  • the birth of any dependent children

You can update your details by logging into your myFund account (or registering for one).

Change your beneficiaries

If you die before you claim your Fund benefits, a lump sum could be paid to your beneficiaries.

Make sure you complete a Nomination by logging into your myFund account to say who you'd like your beneficiaries to be.

Divorce or dissolution

The breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time so it’s useful to know where you stand.

It’s likely your pension will be taken into account along with your other assets when you work out a financial settlement for your divorce or dissolution.

If you are living with your partner but are not married or in a civil partnership, they are not entitled to any of your pension benefits if you separate.

Read more about divorce or dissolution and your pension.