Types of retirement

The Fund offers 4 main options, depending on eligibility. They are:

Normal retirement

Your Normal Retirement Age (NRA) is when you can start taking your full ​Scheme benefits.  Sign in to myFund and check your Section's NRA in your Member Guide or call the Helpline on 0800 012 1117.

Thinking about claiming your pension? See the Claiming my Fund pension section.

Ill-health retirement

If you are unable to work through ill health, you may be able to claim your Fund pension and cash lump sum early – with no reductions for early payment, and a potential enhancement to your pensionable service of up to ten years.
You could be ​eligible if:

  • you’ve been in the Fund for at least five years (check the Section Rules in your Member Guide)
  • you're under your Normal Retirement Age, and
  • a medical expert chosen by the Trustee provides evidence that you’re unable to work in your current or other suitable job.

Read more in A Guide to Incapacity Benefits.

Early retirement

You may be able to claim your benefits before you reach your normal retirement age. However:

  • your benefits will be reduced if you’re under your normal retirement age
  • you won’t be covered for the death-in-service lump sum; and
  • you’ll no longer be eligible for ill-health benefits

Late retirement

If you’re near - or over - your ​​Normal ​Retirement ​Age (NRA), you may be able to postpone taking your benefits up to a maximum age of 75.

This means your benefits will be paid at an enhanced rate when you eventually take them. Late retirement factors will be used to calculate how much extra will be added to your benefits.

Any questions?

​Contact the Helpline on 0800 012 1117 or email csu@railpen.com, quoting your pension reference number​.