Claiming my pension

Are you ready to start claiming your Fund benefits?

You might want to get independent financial advice first. See for a list of independent financial advisers in your area.

How to claim your benefits

 Log in to your myFund account and apply online for an estimate of your current benefits. You will not be charged for online requests and you can view your previous estimate requests at any time.

You can also request an estimate from the Helpline on 0800 ​012 1117 or email However, you will be charged if you request more than one estimate within a year. 

Quote your pension reference number when contacting Railpen. You'll find this on any correspondence about your Fund pension or under 'My details' in  myFund.

Railpen will let you know if your benefits meet minimum requirements for payment.

If you'd like to go ahead and claim your benefits, you can apply to retire.

Once your ​request is processed, you’ll be sent a statement showing:

  • the benefits you’ll get
  • date of your first payment
  • your lump sum (if applicable).

If you apply to retire more than ​a month before your retirement date, details will be sent to you closer to your retirement date.

This statement is not intended to provide proof of income and should not be relied upon for making purchases before payment arrives in your account.

4. When you reach your retirement date, you’ll receive your pension every four weeks for life.