Opting out

It’s a straightforward process if you’re thinking about leaving the Fund – whether you’re opting out or retiring.

Stopping contributions

You may feel that paying into a pension scheme isn’t right for you at the moment.  You can opt out of the Fund at any time by contacting pensions administrator Railpen. Please email csu@railpen.com or phone our Helpline on 0800 012 1117 to request an opt-out pack. 

You will need to quote your pension reference number when you contact Railpen, and can find this ​​on any correspondence you have received from Railpen. If you need further assistance, please email csu@railpen.com or phone our Helpline on 0800 012 1117.

Once you leave the Fund, and if you are not yet eligible ​to take your benefits, you will become a 'preserved’ member.

Your benefits will be retained in the Fund, and will increase annually in line with inflation (currently CPI) until you are ready to start taking them.

Thinking about retiring?

Giving up work for good can be both an exciting and daunting prospect, and you’ve probably got lots of questions. ​​For a short step-by-step guide, see our Planning for Retirement section

It's a very good idea to get advice before taking your retirement benefits. Go to the Unbiased website for a list of independent financial advisers in your area. 

Another good source of information is the Money Advice Service.