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Covid-19 and your investments
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused sharp rises and falls in fund values, and you may be worried about your pension. Any decisions about fund choices are important as they could have a big effect on your future benefits, and we recommend you speak to an independent financial adviser (IFA) before making any decisions. There’s a list of IFAs in your area at

Not sure which BRASS funds ​might ​work best for you?

You can opt for a 'hands-on' approach​ and help actively manage your funds. Or you can be ​'hands-off' and have the decisions automatically made for you.

Answer the simple question below to see which option you might prefer, and find out more about the funds. (You don't have to choose any at this stage). Or you can learn more about investments and how they work in our news article.

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You can go ahead and choose your funds ​in my​Fund, or complet​e a form and return to Railpen.

Speak to an independent financial adviser if you'd like more advice about your financial plans. Find details of regulated advisers in your area at

Already chosen your BRASS funds?

If ​this is the case,  it's a good idea to  check your choices regularly to make sure they're ​right for you - after all, plans can change over time. Switch funds quickly and easily ​in my​Fund.