Video library now online

Aug 23, 2021
Getting to grips with your pension could now be quicker and easier, thanks to the power of video.


We’ve put together a series of short films, to help you take control of your pension and prepare for the future. And you can find them all together, in the new video library here.

The library is currently split into five sections, each covering a different aspect of your pension.

These are:

  • Welcome to your pension – helping you understand how your pension works and what your benefits are.
  • Planning and saving - outlining some of the ways to get more from your pension, such as making nominations and saving more through additional voluntary contributions (AVCS).
  • Tax and other complex topics – making tricky things like tax a little more digestible.
  • How to use this website – guiding you through some of the actions you can take online, such as requesting an estimate.
  • Your retirement options – looking at the ways you can take your pension when you stop work.

There are already videos to watch in each section and we’ll be adding more in the coming months.

The latest video, understanding your retirement options with a defined benefit pension, was created using feedback from our member group Platform, to help make it more accessible and understandable.  And we’ll be adopting a similar style moving forward.

We’ve also taken into account a wide range of member feedback, to determine what topics to cover in video next, including pension transfers.

You can access the video library here and remember to keep an eye out for new videos coming soon.