Are your pension savings on the right track?



Estimates of your retirement benefits are one of the fantastic new features of your website!

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement and this is a great way to see what you could get from the Fund when you retire and work out whether you’re saving enough.

What’s more, the estimates of your retirement benefits will usually be sent to your myFund account in less than an hour*!  And because they’re based on your personal details, they’re more reliable than ever before, giving you added confidence when you picture your life after work.

What kind of estimates of retirement benefits can I get?

Depending on your membership, these may include: 

  • Leaving work and retiring before your normal retirement age (early retirement)
  • Leaving work and retiring on normal retirement age (normal retirement)
  • Leaving work and retiring after your normal retirement age (late retirement)
  • Leaving work and taking a trivial commutation / small pot payments (one-off payments)
  • Bereavement benefits should you die while still working, or 
  • To find out how much the transfer value amount of your pension benefits if you were starting to think about moving your pension benefits to another pension scheme.


Please be aware you cannot get estimates via the website for the following situations:

  • Retiring before your normal retirement age (early retirement) but choosing to continue working for your current employer.
  • Leaving work and retiring with an ill-health or incapacity pension.
  • Potential divorce settlements.


If you’re thinking of retiring in the next few years, you might want to request multiple estimates of retirement benefits and  compare different options for taking your benefits to see which suits your circumstances the best.

Get started

Simply log into your myFund account and select ‘request an estimate of retirement benefits’ from the ‘My Pension’ area to get your retirement plans on track today!

* Your estimate may take more than an hour (up to 10 working days) if you have more than one period of membership in the Fund and are under age 55 or if you have exceeded the Lifetime Allowance, so please do not worry.

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