Driving the change we want to see  

Railpen, the manager of the British Transport Police Force Superannuation Fund, has published its 2020 Member Sustainable Ownership (SO) Report.

 SO is Railpen’s approach to including sustainability issues, like climate change or executive pay, in the way we invest your pension contributions on your behalf. It’s a big part of what Railpen does to protect and enhance the value of your savings, as well as to improve the world that our members retire into.

The report lets you, as a member of the Fund, know:

•           Why we consider these issues in our investments decisions and activities

•           How we work to make sure the companies we invest in are behaving responsibly on these issues

•           What we did on your behalf during 2020

•           What we will be doing in the next 12 months

 You can read the report here

 If you’d like to let us know your views on the report, or any other issues about SO, please get in touch via email at so@railpen.com.